The Call: Save B.C. Wolves

The Call: Save B.C. Wolves

Welcome to The Call: Save B.C. Wolves

Join Pacific Wild in advocating for the conservation of British Columbia's wolf population.

Heeding The Call

Over 30 years, we’ve seen wolves poisoned, hunted, trapped and vilified—all supported by provincial and federal governments inhumane and biologically indefensible wolf management policies.

Pacific Wild has been at the forefront of wolf conservation in British Columbia working with our legal partners, communication specialists and, most importantly, mobilizing a vast and dedicated following of wolf supporters like yourself.

Make A Difference

By joining The Call you become part of a driven and passionate community with the common goal of advocating for the conservation of British Columbia’s wolf population. 

The Call aims to gather and galvanize Pacific Wild’s wolf supporters in an online community. We will inspire and activate people with regular news updates, email campaigns, petitions and off-line tools for people to utilize on their own. We will provide a community hub online for members of The Call to share tools and tales of wolves worldwide, with the intention to reinstate wolves to their proper place – namely a highly social and intelligent species that is critical in maintaining ecosystem function in the wilds of B.C. 

For The Wolves

There is no cost to joining this unique community. You may choose to donate funds on a monthly or one-time basis, or you may wish to donate your expertise or time or talents as we refine our strategy around ending the cull in B.C. or you may simply want to be as educated and involved as possible, and share your knowledge in your community with passion and a drive to make a difference.

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